Friday, September 28, 2007

Green Lantern Fanfilm Teaser by Cobra Production

The teaser here below has generated some buzz since it has been made available on the Internet.

It's not a real trailer of the upcoming Green Lantern movie.
But this fan made trailer was really well-done.

It shows john Stewart, the black-skin Green Lantern:

As we said in a former post (Green Lantern Movie), it is unclear which version of Green Lantern will be adapted.
So John Stewart may not be the one in the coming movie...


Anonymous said...

Really..."The Black Skin Green Lantern"

Anonymous said...

Nice fan film. That would be cool if they did the African American Green Lantern. Maybe Michael Jai White or Morris Chestnut. But of course since the first Green Lantern was Caucausian, that will not happen. Anyway, though, if it stays true to the GL origin, and the graphics and storyline are good, I'm sure it will be worth whatever the cost of a movie will be by 2011. what 20$ a head. LOL